Care & Installation Instructions Sticker

Welcome to our detailed guide on how to professionally apply stickers to your vehicle.

Follow the steps below to achieve a perfect result.

Step 1: Preparation

1.1 Cleaning: Start with a thorough cleaning of the vehicle to remove grease, dirt, dust and silicones. Use a mild cleaning agent, for example GS body cleaner or GS glass & window cleaner as well as water.

1.2 Drying: Allow the vehicle to dry completely to ensure the film has optimal adhesion.

Step 2: Positioning

2.1 Test placement: Place the sticker in the desired position without removing the protective film. Check the alignment and distance from other elements of the vehicle.

2.2 Using adhesive tape: Use tape to attach the sticker to one side to maintain its position.

Step 3: Attachment

3.1 Remove protective film: Carefully peel off the protective film from one side of the sticker.

3.2 Attach stickers: Now start placing the sticker with the transparent film facing down on a flat surface, then carefully peel off the white/checkered backing paper. (the flatter the better) Starting at the exposed side, press the decal slowly and evenly onto the vehicle using a squeegee or similar tool. Work from the center outwards to avoid air pockets.

3.3 Squeegee technology: Use the squeegee to apply the decal smoothly and without wrinkles. Run the squeegee over the decal in even strokes, working from the center to the edges.

Tip: If the motif does not come off the backing paper, simply place the backing paper back on the sticker and press the affected area firmly with your finger/squeegee.

Step 4: Remove the transfer film

4.1 Removing the transfer film: After the decal is firmly attached to the vehicle, carefully peel off the transfer film. Start at one corner and pull it back to a shallow angle.

4.2 Smoothing the edges: Check the sticker for possible edges or bubbles. If necessary, use the squeegee to smooth the decal again.

Step 5: Final work

5.1 Verification: Inspect the area of ​​the vehicle to ensure the decal is properly applied and has no defects.

5.2 Sealing: To protect the sticker and extend its life, you can apply a clear sealant film. This protects the sticker from UV radiation and other environmental influences.

To guarantee a long lifespan of the stickers, you should note the following points:

  1. The surface to be bonded must be free of grease, dust, dirt and silicone.
  2. The adhesive film should be applied at temperatures between 8°C and 20°C.
  3. The full adhesive strength develops within 24 hours if the adhesive instructions are followed.
  4. Do not stick the sticker on hot paint or hot windows - this can cause bubbles to form.
  5. If glued to surfaces that are too cold (8°C), it may happen that the film does not adhere properly and cannot develop its adhesive power.
  6. Only visit the car wash after 3 days and if the window is glued, please do not scratch the sticker with the ice scraper!


With these detailed instructions you can professionally apply your stickers to your vehicle. Follow each step carefully to achieve optimal results.

Don't forget to check your work and apply a sealer if necessary. For this we recommend, among other things, the GS quick seal .

If you have any further questions about bonding or the film properties, you can contact us at any time. Simply use our Contact form .