Revolution within the tuning scene - The story of Lowbrds Automotive Fashion

The visionist

At a time when the tuning world is dominated by expensive and often unaffordable fashion brands, an idea emerged that would change everything.

As a tuning fan and car lover for many years, I have bought every collection from the “big ones” in the scene and “proudly” worn them.

I was tired of the same designs, greed for profit and limited collections that sold out in seconds.

It was clear then: I wanted to make high-quality textiles accessible to every tuning fan and change the scene sustainably.

The Origins of "Lowbrds" - An Unusual Combination

The beginnings of Lowbrds Automotive Fashion were as unusual as the brand itself. It all started with a strange idea to unite the tuning scene with the world of beard wearers.

Unique designs in the rockabilly style and combining them with a passion for cars and tuning.

Here is an insight into my first design:

Lowbrds Automotive Fashion Tuning Design

In my imagination, design combinations of the beard niche and elaborately tuned vehicles appeared side by side, and this is how the term "lowbeards" came into being.

But as I continued to work on it, I realized that I wanted to represent much more than just beards and rockabilly.

I wanted to create a brand that captured the diversity of the tuning scene while reflecting the individual style and passion of its followers.

No compromises & clearly defined values!

Hand drawn creations

At the heart of Lowbrds lies a passion for creativity and uniqueness. Instead of falling for prefabricated and same-old designs, I create each design by hand.

With attention to detail and dedication, unique motifs are created that capture the essence of the tuning scene.

I continue to work very closely with the existing community here and look forward to any message, personal conversation or idea.

Affordable elegance

At Lowbrds, my ambitious goal is to ensure that my products are affordable without sacrificing quality . The basic idea behind the founding of the brand was to make high-quality textiles affordable for every tuning fan.

I want everyone who shares a passion for cars and tuning to be a part of Lowbrds without breaking the bank.

You may not believe it: “Cheap” does not mean poor quality! 😉

Made in Germany & sustainable change

I decided to produce my collections in Germany. This decision allowed me to not only control the quality of my products, but I knew that I not only wanted to create high-quality tuning fashion, but also make a contribution to sustainable development within the tuning scene.

I distance myself from greed for profit (even if some people might not like it! 😉) and use the resources that set an example for a responsible future in the tuning scene.

Since 2021, high-quality textiles and accessories have been produced in the heart of Bavaria using innovative print-on-demand technology , packaged in a climate-neutral manner and shipped to customers throughout Europe. The technology used allows me to produce without a minimum order quantity. Each piece is unique and is produced exclusively to order.

A community

Together we can change the passion for tuning vehicles in a positive way and prove that high-quality, hand-drawn tuning clothing can be affordable without sacrificing quality and individuality.

This is what we write on our “flag”:

Inspired by the scene!

Tuning clothing at fair horsepower!

With that in mind, Stay Low & Cheers!

Jan from Lowbrds

Founder Jan Meyer Lowbrds Automotive Fashion

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